Lewis Hamilton trao cơ hội cho Miami sau FP2 đầy khó khăn

Lewis Hamilton không thể che giấu rằng anh ấy hơi thất vọng với buổi tập chạy cho Miami GP vào thứ Sáu.

Cặp đôi Hamilton và George Russell của Mercedes xếp sau FP1 một và hai và điều đó có thể làm dấy lên một số hy vọng rằng họ sẽ tham gia vào một ngày cuối tuần đầy nắng, nhưng FP2 – và một bức tranh chính xác hơn về tốc độ thực của cuối tuần – đã tạo ra một cơn mưa kiểm tra trên Red Bull và Ferrari đã đi trước một bước.



Of course, Mercedes can still have a relatively positive weekend but Hamilton could not hide the fact he was feeling a little downcast with the W14’s performance after Friday’s running had come to an end here in Miami:

“It’s a great weekend, it’s a great place to be, lots of positives, it’s just we are not particularly quick. It’s a struggle out there. We’re trying lots of different things.

“FP1 looked quite good, and then we come into FP2, and the true pace come out. It’s just a kick in the gut, so it’s a little bit difficult to take sometimes. But it’s okay, we will just continue to work on it, we will regroup tonight and try and see if we can make some set-up changes and get the car in a sweeter spot.

“I’m going to stay optimistic, I’m going to stay hopeful that we can get the car in a better place tomorrow and maybe be a couple steps up. But it feels like, apart from last year where we had hardcore bouncing, we are racing pretty much the same car – that’s the difficult thing.”

It remains to be seen how the Mercedes looks this afternoon with FP3 set to get underway soon before qualifying for the race, and Hamilton will hope the team has found some tweaks to make a positive change to the way the car feels around the circuit.

It’s quite clear that he is focusing on Imola and the expected considerable upgrades that the teams is going to bring to the car, in a bid to close the gap to Red Bull at the front:

“We are working as hard as we can, it’s just we desperately need upgrades, that’s for sure,” said Hamilton.

“[We’ve] chúng ta chỉ cần cúi đầu cho một cuộc đua nữa và hy vọng chúng ta có thể bắt đầu một con đường mới [at the] cuộc đua tiếp theo.”

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