WWE: Triple H ‘gặp gỡ’ với một số đại lý miễn phí mà anh ấy đã cố ký vào cuối tuần qua

Có vẻ như Triple H đang có ý định thu hút một số tài năng mới để bổ sung vào danh sách WWE sau khi tổ chức các cuộc họp với những khách hàng tiềm năng vào cuối tuần với các báo cáo cho thấy các cuộc thảo luận đang “diễn ra tốt đẹp”.

The new report from reliable Twitter source BWE has got the wrestling world talking about who could be on their way to the WWE in the months to come.

Latest news on Triple H

BWE noted (via Ringside News) that the reason Triple H held the talks was because he didn’t want to “miss out” on the potential new signings “again”, indicating that the superstars in question may be ones who “The Game” has tried to bring to the WWE in the past but was unable to due to other contractual obligations.

“I didnt want to tweet this before MITB. Now is a good time to share. The chef met with talents over the weekend. Hes trying to sign few names to the E. From what i know things went well as theyre trying to not “missout” again.”

It should be noted that Triple H and the WWE team were in the United Kingdom this past weekend for the Money In The Bank premium live event, so it is possible that Triple H met with talents from the UK for the upcoming NXT Europe brand that has been heavily rumored to be delayed due to the WWE-UFC merger, but will still be going ahead as Triple H mentioned the plans for the brand during the post-MITB press conference and had the following to say…

“I mentioned under the premise of WrestleMania and premium live events going global, we’re a global company. We’re looking to be everywhere. And I think … there are a lot of amazing talents here, internationally. And we’d love to explore that and give them opportunities to shine on the biggest stage possible and see what we can do with that. It’s just going to take a little bit of time.”

Of course, it could also be possible that Triple H met with talents remotely or sent some representatives to the meeting to hold the talks.

Latest news on new superstars joining the WWE

GMS have previously reported that Triple H is very interested in a tag-team from New Japan Pro Wrestling when their contracts are up and pairing them with a stand-out from the WWE performance center to form a faction, but it is currently unknown if these are the talks that went down over the weekend.

It also has to be noted that with Vince McMahon recently seizing more control over the company’s creative direction, any new prospects would likely have to go through the Big Boss.

Excitingly, many notable AEW contracts are coming to an end by 2024, so perhaps we could see some more talent follow Cody Rhodes and jump ship from AEW to the WWE.

2023 has been a very exciting year for the WWE thus far with the company pulling out all the stops to give the WWE Universe plenty to talk about, and now it seems that some new talent could soon join the already stacked roster in WWE and NXT as the company moves closer towards their biggest anniversary event yet, WrestleMania 40.

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